System izolacji przeciwwilgociowej

Dlaczego FONDALINE ®?

" FONDALINE  a reliable sealing system foundations."





A new generation of membrane that is designed to obtain a ventilated waterproofing system. It uses the idea of ​​introducing air gap between damp insulation and the building structure.


Yes developed system meets many more features than conventional methods of waterproofing.


Balancing the hydrostatic pressure inside the building, which is eliminated through the use of an air gap, which satisfies in this case the role of a safety valve.




advantages :



  • 20-year guarantee
  • Resistance to water vapor in the case FONDALINE is 45 times greater than in a standard polyethylene-construction
  • Appearance does not change, regardless of the time and external conditions
  • The air gap protects the wall and insulation against water under pressure
  • High mechanical strength of the membrane prevents damage arising from movements of the terrain, backfilling or subsidence of buildings
  • Increased ventilation of the inner surfaces enables quick drying of the structure
  • Increased thermal izoalcja walls and floors
  • Increased resistance to vibration transmission surface
  • Easy installation and immediate effect





  • external walls
  • Internal basement walls
  • arches
  • interior flooring
  • Additional applications:
  • The insulating layer floor
  • Green roof (primer garden)
  • Construction terrestrial and aquatic (bridges and tunnels)
  • Agriculture (silos and silage making chamber)

Dane techniczne



high density polyethylene



20 m roll




0.5m; 1.0 m; 1,5m; 2.0 m; 2.5 m


Membrane thickness:

0.6 mm / 0.5 mm, embossed on both sides





Stud height:

8 mm.


Pressure resistance:

about 250 kN / m²



Impact mechanical action of roots, fungi and bacteria


Temperature stability:

from - 30 ° C to + 80 ° C



Twenty years


Chemical properties:

Organic drinking water, not prone to degradation, resistant to chemicals,






End strip FONDALINE ® 

length: 2m